The touch screen coffee table reveals itself to you in its unique and pure design centered at the heart of its research. Building emotion and mixing it with a high level of technology.
It displays itself under incredibly sculpted, pure, and edged lines, bringing together the latest technological advances, and a unique touch-sensitive level, which provides palm rejection with exceptional accuracy while maintaining fluidity and responsiveness.


Innovate and offer your customers a unique experience. Our interactive totems offer an exciting medium for you to create a real digital experience: maps, interactive catalogs or any other business applications. Our Totem Stands are the perfect Signage Solution for variety of uses. This All-in-One Digital Sign is an easy and cost-effective way to go Digital. Perfect for in store marketing, directional signage or corporate messaging. Allowing for convenient placement anywhere electricity is available.


This tactile table offers you an innovative support to create a real digital experience with the latest advanced touch-screen technology that provides fluidity and precision. Its 7.1mm thickness of tempered waterproof glass protects it against the everyday use (shocks and spills), ideal for the hospitality and catering industry. Its sleek design and starshaped leg give it character and stability.


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