Hologram Displays

Dreamoc POP3

The Dreamoc POP3 display is an asset to any retail or commercial environment. This display is designed in every way to create a lot of attention around a certain campaign or product launch, either as stand-alone or part of a series with interactive content created to bring your stories to life with three dimensional holograms. The combination of the physical assets inside the device and the vivid colors, effects, and moving images revolving around them will certainly catch the eyes and attention of customers walking by.
Because of the front focus, it does extremely well in shelf spaces, window displays or other settings where the viewers can linger and be dazzled by your product’s story unfolding inside the display.

Dreamoc HD3

The holographic content inside the HD3 is visible from three sides, making it possible for the viewers to walk around the display and observe the product and magic from almost every angle. The mixed reality experience can be further enhanced by strategically placing the actual products right next to the display. Allowing your audience to touch and feel the product they’re seeing come to life, makes it all the more attractive and increases the conversion from viewers into customers.

Dreamoc Diamond

Present your brand and product in the most elegant way imaginable. The Dreamoc Diamond brings an innovative and highly attractive approach to driving attention, positioning brand values and showcasing distinctive product features. The diamond-shaped optics allow for larger products than ever before to become enveloped by superimposed holographic content.
With 4-sided visibility, this is one of our largest mixed reality displays ever built, specifically designed for events and brand activations in shopping malls, trade fairs, and other high-traffic locations.

Dreamoc XXL3

This is our largest mixed reality display and the optimal solution for creating those memorable experiences in large environments such as malls, museums and busy trade fairs. With full 4-sided visibility this display gives the viewers a chance to be dazzled by your holographic content from all viewing angles.

Dreamoc XL3

The Dreamoc XL3 is a large mixed reality display which makes it an ideal solution for bigger spaces such as retail focal points, hotel lobbies or office reception areas. It is perfect for larger areas where you want to make a big impression on passers-by and have them stop and pay attention to your brand and product.
It is also a great solution for bigger events like fairs and trade shows, and because of its three visible sides it allows a rather large audience to get a look at the magic inside.


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